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It really is "all good."

Henry Kang
Editor, Type Zen

About this community:

Type Zen is a community dedicated to zen living. An oasis of calm amid the chaos of modern life. Where stress and anxiety are replaced with harmony and peace of mind. Type Zen for a Type A world.

A life of zen can also be thought of as a life in flow.

"Flow is the mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity." *

Zen is the ability to "go with the flow." By letting go of the stress and anxiety one becomes "in tune" with the natural way of the world. To feel completely connected and present.

Athletes, artists, musicians intuitively know the feeling. It is the ability to remain focused and relaxed despite the most extreme circumstances. Where being calm under pressure leads to peak performance. Mihály Csíkszentmihályi calls it the "optimal experience." Type Zen is a community seeking flow.

At the same time, Type Zen seeks to offer answers to some of the deepest questions of life, who am I? why am I here? what is my purpose? And in finding these answers, we find harmony and balance within ourselves. Only by balancing our primal nature with the expectations of a modern world can we achieve longterm happiness contentment, love and joy. A life in perpetual flow.

Type Zen also seeks to promote a greater understanding of Eastern "spiritual philosophies." To spread a contemporary understanding of Zen and Taoism. To show how contemporary western science and ideas like "flow" are in harmony with Zen. By combining age old wisdom with a modern understanding of the world, Type Zen seeks to offer a broadened perspective.

To not sweat the little things and know that it really is "all good."

About the editor:

In 2004, Henry began a spiritual journey that continues today. Having the lucky timing to invest in several successful internet ventures just before the Internet boom of 2000, his good fortune allowed him to lead a life free from the usual worries of money and "paying the bills". This freedom ultimately led him on a journey to seek meaning beyond material things. A luxury for which he is eternally grateful and fully appreciates. For it allowed him to pursue answers to some deepest questions in life.

What is the meaning of life? What is my destiny? Where can I find lasting peace and contentment? Who am I?

Sparked by a nagging desire to find answers to these eternal philosophical and spiritual questions, he began traveling the world. With the support of close friends and family, he began to find answers in many forms and in many places.

Ultimately he discovered "zen."

As an Asian American much of his time was spent traveling throughout east Asia. He enveloped himself in the culture and history of China, Korea and Japan. In connecting with his Asian heritage he began to incorporate Asian philosophies into his life and business. This led to the formation of Ajia Group which is comprised of longtime friends family and business partners who are dedicated to investing in a "zen way." Henry has also dedicated himself to the study of "zen" and walking the enlightened path. He has befriended many zen masters along the way and has become a devoted practitioner of "zen daoism".

Henry Kang began his career as a Wall Street executive which included stints at several major investment banks including JP Morgan Chase Capital and Veronis, Suhler Stevens & Associates in New York City. Driven by a passion for business he earned an MBA from Duke University and has decades of experience in Private Equity and Venture Capital investing. He launched his own investment firm 1999 acting as principal investor in several successful internet ventures.