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Henry Kang , Editor | May 26, 2014
Topic category: TypeA Stress Management

Type A Stress Management

These articles are designed to help those who are seeking balance in our hectic highly scheduled world. The very nature of a Type A personality is to go fold throttle. Work and life balance often find themselves in conflict. These articles are meant to provide ways to manage and cope with highly stressful environments. With a little help a Type A can become a Type Zen.

Zen Enlightenment

The ultimate goal of Zen is to perpetuate the state of enlightenment. Enlightenment comes to those who are able to remove the ego and let go of the need to control things. It is a feeling of unconditional acceptance and unconditional love. These articles are meant to help find the Enlightenment which resides in all of us.

The Big Picture

Enlightenment can be described as an altered state of consciousness. It is a radical shift in perspective that allows one to see a bigger picture. To understand that we are not at the center of the universe. That we exist as part of the larger fabric and energy of the universe. And in this perspective we realize that our efforts to control things is an illusion. These articles provide a profound change in our perspectives for our world.

Flow and Peak Performance

We have all heard of being calm under pressure. Cool and collected when things around us are falling apart. In sports we cheer on the athletes that perform at their best on the grandest stage with the biggest audience when there is the most pressure to bear. That ability to perform as if nothing mattered is at the heart of Zen. These articles are designed to highlight examples of peak performance under pressure.

Zen Asylum

The pursuit of Zen requires a profound shift in perspective. The feeling of enlightenment can often make one feel like the only sane person in an insane world. The Zen Asylum is a refuge for all those who feel out of place without purpose or in need of community. These articles are meant to describe the higher levels and understanding of Zen and Enlightenment.

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