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Going with the Flow in a Type A World
Henry Kang , Editor | Feb 19, 2015
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We have all heard of and zen, but what is it?

Zen is a feeling of contentment and harmony. It's a feeling of being in balance.

You feel "zen" all the time. When you're engrossed in a good movie and forget where you are. When you sing or dance like there's no one watching. When you play a sport and find yourself in the zone. It's the feeling of living completely in the moment. Unhindered by anxiety or worry.

But in our modern Type A driven world this feeling of zen or "flow" can be the most elusive feeling in the world. We have all the responsibilities of modern life that get in the way. We have bills to pay, families to answer to, jobs to keep. And so the never-ending running dialogue in our head traps us in expectations for tomorrow or holds us hostage to what could have, would have, should have been.

Type Zen is a community dedicated to redirecting the "Crazy Monkey" mind. To quiet the inner dialogue in our head so we can find zen in a Type A world.

In Type Zen you will find articles that speak to or give a glimpse of zen. Type Zen includes articles and information for whatever path your are on. From hints on how manage stress for the most high achieving Type A personalities to finding enlightenment for those walking a more spiritual path.

Whatever the case, Type Zen is meant to build a community focused on living in harmony and balance.

To be able to "go with the flow" in a Type A world.

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